Custom Wheel Thrown Logo Mugs – Glaze Results

Custom Sculpture & Sign Company

So, this is the final major test before marketing these mugs… The mugs were dipped in different glazes and then sprayed with a second complimentary colored glaze. All glazes are lead free and food safe. Then, carefully placed in the kiln and fired to around 2250 F (Cone 6 for pottery nerds.) Here are the results…


The following are the names and results of the glaze experiments so far…

Below is “Hot Chocolate” glaze

edited-7665  edited-7664

Below is “Mountain Mist” glaze


Below is “Creamsicle” glaze

edited-7677edited-7678  edited-7697

Below is “Green Apple” glaze


Below is “Hazel” glaze

edited-7681edited-7682  edited-7698

Below is “Iced Coffee” glaze


Below is “Sea Glass” glaze


Below is “Lavender Fields” glaze


Below is “Frothy Chocolate” glaze


Below is “Blue Moon” glaze


Here is a row of experiments with sizes, logos and glazes…   edited-7702


At this point, the pricing structure goes like this… Each order has a one time stamp fee of $100 and the…

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Custom Pottery and Ceramic Sculpture

Here are some projects and some experiments…

Custom Sculpture & Sign Company

The name of my business is “Custom Wood Carvings & More” because I offer “more” than just wood carvings. I offer custom ceramics – functional/ utilitarian and non-functional/ sculptural… I thought it would be fun to showcase some of my pottery/ ceramic sculpture. I’ve been teaching pottery and sculpture for 12 years, requiring hundreds of demos on the potter’s wheel. Here is a sampling of some of those demos. If you are interested in having something made, or in a pottery lesson, simply visit my official website, and click the “contact” link to get in touch.

High Fired, stained and glazed. All the stones are glazed. This piece is inspired by the labor that went into rebuilding the wall around jerusalem and re-establishing the thriving community within it’s walls under the leadership of Nehemiah. The account of this story is in the book of Nehemiah in the Old Testament. As…

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