Wheel thrown stoneware mugs with custom logos – A new adventure!

Custom Sculpture & Sign Company

We are getting ready to launch a new pottery business… this post will show the process of getting the mugs ready for firing…

First, we start with your business’s brand or logo.

cambridge logo  round hill teststihl logo clean

Then the logo is prepped to turn it into a stamp

cambridge logo2stihl logo updated

Once the stamp has been created, it’s time to throw on the wheel…  The clay is measured out and de-aired in preparation for throwing.


After the mugs are thrown, the handles and thumb rests are pulled and applied…

edited-7454 edited-7455 edited-7449

Next, the stamps are made and applied…

 edited-7450edited-7451edited-7452    edited-7458  edited-7453

Finally, wax resist is painted over the joints to ensure even drying which means no cracks!


These will probably take a week or more to dry so they can be fired in the kiln. The next post will show the glazing process!

Click here to view the glaze results!


At this point, the pricing structure…

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