Mad Hatter Engagement Ring Holder

Custom Sculpture & Sign Company

One of the mediums to create sculpture is epoxy clay. This clay is used for sculpture and taxidermy and gives you about a 2 hr. work time before it starts to harden. the advantage is it dries to a very durable, hard plastic without the need for a kiln. Once cured it is grindable and sandable and can be added to with more clay.  It is a perfect medium for small, detailed sculptures or prototypes like this mad hatter. This customer, (A soldier in Afghanistan),  sent me a picture of this mad hatter design that has two hats. The large hat comes off to reveal a smaller hat with an engagement ring in it. A clever idea… Here are some pics to show the process.


Once the details were complete, it could be painted with multiple coats of acrylic paint and finished with a clear coat satin spray.


Then, the…

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