Custom Wheel Thrown Logo Mugs – Glaze Results

Custom Sculpture & Sign Company

So, this is the final major test before marketing these mugs… The mugs were dipped in different glazes and then sprayed with a second complimentary colored glaze. All glazes are lead free and food safe. Then, carefully placed in the kiln and fired to around 2250 F (Cone 6 for pottery nerds.) Here are the results…


The following are the names and results of the glaze experiments so far…

Below is “Hot Chocolate” glaze

edited-7665  edited-7664

Below is “Mountain Mist” glaze


Below is “Creamsicle” glaze

edited-7677edited-7678  edited-7697

Below is “Green Apple” glaze


Below is “Hazel” glaze

edited-7681edited-7682  edited-7698

Below is “Iced Coffee” glaze


Below is “Sea Glass” glaze


Below is “Lavender Fields” glaze


Below is “Frothy Chocolate” glaze


Below is “Blue Moon” glaze


Here is a row of experiments with sizes, logos and glazes…   edited-7702


At this point, the pricing structure goes like this… Each order has a one time stamp fee of $100 and the…

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