Custom Portrait Bust from pictures

Custom Sculpture & Sign Company

I have the honor of memorializing this customers father who recently passed. Working from around 10 different pictures of his father, I started with a Styrofoam inside and built up epoxy clay (magic sculpt) on top of that…

raul sketch

edited742 edited743

edited744 edited745



edited736 edited747   raul frontal

Getting close… The customer asked for a few more adjustments, so here are the changes with those adjustments…


The final step is to apply the finish which looks like cast bronze…

Step 1 – Paint in a black/brown color


Step 2 – Lightly brush in metallic wax


Step 3 – Layer the black/brown color over the metallic wax with a little aqua green for an oxidized look. Photos can’t capture the luminescence of the metallic wax accurately. It looks much better live…


Thanks for looking! If you have a sculpture you would like made, get in touch at If you like these posts, consider “following” this blog to get email notifications…

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