Custom Clay Sculptures and Custom Mold Making

Custom Sculpture & Sign Company

The master blacksmith from Old School Crafts in Mount Vernon MO ordered these life size chimp molds to use in his foundry. The molds will enable him to create the chimps in bronze using the traditional lost wax technique. Check out his fantastic work at

First, a sketch was drawn up according to his specs…

3 monkeys sketch larger

Then, some small clay sketches were made to work out the forms…


edited-0410  edited-0419

Next, the life sized detailed sculptures are built…

 edited-0395 (2)  edited-0396 (2)  edited-0397edited-0398

Monkey #2

edited-0393 (2)

Monkey #3

edited-0436 edited-0438  edited-0443

Next, the silicone mold is applied in multiple layers… Here it is being applied to the architectural base.

edited-0404 edited-0401

Next, some dams with key marks are made in several areas to allow easier mold release. Then, a resin “mother mold” is applied over the silicone to create a hard, protective and supportive shell for the soft silicone mold. edited-0427 (2)


After many layers are applied and cured, the hardware…

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